What's new in version 2.7?

Export the list of currently displayed referrals' IDs as text format to the clipboard

Now you can export all the current displayed referrals' IDs to the clipboard using single click! Which you can use in conjunction with CoAzSelector add-on to make faster and simpler recycling for hundreds of referrals by just few clicks.

  1. Click Export Referrals' IDs under Mass Action section
  2. Goto Neobux website Rented Referrals Page
  3. Click inside the text area of CoAzSelector add-on
  4. Right click then choose Paste
  5. Click outside the text area of CoAzSelector add-on
  6. CoAzSelector add-on will automatically selects any referrals found on the current page
  7. Select option under What do you want to do with the selected referrals?
  8. Select I want to recycle them
  9. Press Click here to confirm button
  10. Press the next page, wait for CoAzSelector add-on to reload the text area then it will automatically selects any referrals found on the next page
  11. Repeat steps 7 to 10 until you reach the last page

Added real average column to the clicks history table of the account summary

Now you can see the real average which is calculated based on the manual recycling

Adjust the number of manual recycles in the clicks history table of the account summary

The handy manager will attempt to calculate the number of manually recycled referrals, however due to the frequency of loading exported data and due to the limitation of the available information based on the exported data, these calculated numbers might not match actual numbers on Neobux. So, it is available now to manually override such incorrect numbers inside the handy manager to match your Neobux account for accurate profit calculations.

  1. On the row corresponding to the date you want to change the Manual Recycles, click on the blue link of the Manual Recycles column
  2. Adjust the manual recycles value
  3. Press Update button

Added weighted average of a referral

There is new average field added below the ordinary average field which is calculated by weighting the recent clicks more than the older clicks. This can be useful to indicate a referral which is having decaying clicking behavior.

Sorting method by the weighted average

And you can sort by the weighted average as well.

Corrected the memberships' expiry dates calculation method

Now the handy manager calculates the expiry dates of the memberships exactly like Neobux website. Also, the handy manager will automatically fix the previous versions calculated expiry dates, then it will readjust the start dates accordingly to match your Neobux account.