What existing customers say about this software?

giowck "Hey yahiatnt,
Last days my average has begun to drop dramatically, then I started to work on my recycle strategy and with the help of your software I spotted a lot of unprofitable RRs that had a high average but with a bad profit for the last 7-15 days (minus profit). Now my average is profitable again. Thank you so much! I'm not the excel guy, hate to do a lot of work to import every day the RR list. So without your software I would have given up a long time ago." 
nca89 "Hi! I love your software very much. I used to spend a lot of time everyday copying my rented referrals on a spreadsheet in Excel, but now using this software it only takes me some seconds. I also save a lot of time when it comes to recycling referrals thanks to the many filters your software provides. Because of all that I am so happy! This software does what it has to do: helping you to save your own time, automating many tasks and making it so easy."
eraser2011 "The full version of the Neobux Referrals Handy Manager changed the way how I use Neobux. I don't need any Excel spreadsheets, scripts or something like that anymore to keep track of my referrals! It is now a lot easier for me to analyse them and to make decisions based on the handy graphs in this software. 
It is also much quicker to recycle your Reffs, just set the filter how you like it,  sort and mark them and use the Referrals Recycling  Assistance Wizard. 
This software is worth every penny and I don't regret that I bought it!"
pythagoras345 "I just love your tool. Use it daily from day one and it has thought me a great deal in a very short time as a newbie. It is also a time saver. And above all, I couldn't make such a tool. Actually one can see the effect of recycling in the Handy RR Manager in the average of the whole team. It raises if one does, it sinks if one doesn't or does less. And pretty fast."
Vankou "Such a useful and easy to operate software. I've got the full version less than a week ago and i have already  maximized my income from my referrals from 0 to 50% to the awesome 100% - 200% !!! Thanks to the Neobux Referrals Handy Manager. So many good things to list about this program, but here is one -  when i downloaded the full version i found out u get to share it with a friend - 2 for the price of one! Great Job Guys and Thanks!"
HvW77 "You created a super useful software which saves the user a whole heap of money. Personally I know how much work it is not only to code software like this but also taking care of customers, doing marketing ... etc. And after all this work you take such a little price for this software (which is less than nothing compared to the savings I already had because of it). I’m really impressed and have to say: You are a nice guy, man!"
nateandcourt "I have been using the free version of your software for a month now and I love it. Just completed an order for the full version a min or two ago. Can't wait to use it."
danjef "Credit to yahiatnt for such a great tool, prob wouldn't even use neobux if it wasn't for this tool."