Loading Exported Data from Neobux

To export your rented referrals data from Neobux website, follow the sequence of clicks as shown on the following figure.

  1. Press on the rented referral icon on the top of your Neobux account
  2. Press on the export rented referrals data (Notepad like icon)
  3. Press on continue button
  4. Press on open in a new window button
  5. Left click with your mouse inside the window that shows the exported rented referrals data
  6. Right click with your mouse and select Copy from the context menu
  7. It is recommended to create new Notepad text file and paste the copied data into it, then save this text file with name showing the date i.e. 29_01_2015.txt, 20150129.txt ... etc.

Now, we have exported data copied from Neobux and available in the clipboard. The next step is to load such copied data directly inside the handy manager.

  1. Click on Tools from the top menu
  2. Hover over Add Referrals Data
  3. Click on Paste Exported Clipboard