Welcome to Neobux Referrals Handy Manager


At the beginning allow me to give you a brief about my story and how I started developing Neobux Referrals Handy Manager. I am a member in Neobux since August, 2011 and I am registered as an active user called yahiatnt. After deep and thorough searching and learning of Neobux forums and articles spread across the Internet, I reached one conclusion in order to be successful on Neobux, which is all about renting referrals, and ensuring that you get rid of the bad performing referrals as soon as possible.

So, based on my research and understanding, we must export the rented referrals data daily and maintain it in Excel or so. But this was troublesome, I had to spend enormous amount of time on figuring out how to import such data and how to visually analyze my referrals and decide which to recycle. Because I am a software engineer, obviously I knew I had to develop my own approach to help me analyzing my referrals easily, quickly and to confidently judge which referrals to recycle, and so, I developed Neobux Referrals Handy Manager since 2011.

Also, I shared free version of the handy manager since the first version till today on Neobux forums, and I received many ideas and suggestions from many members of Neobux for making it become better and better. So, I started my small online business, maintaining this website, selling the full version of this software, and continuing enhancing and updating it.

This is a software that allows us to view the exported rented referrals data from Neobux in more convenient, detailed and quick approach unlike other approaches using Excel sheets or checking Neobux native statistics. This software simplifies the process of analyzing the referrals and understanding their performance, leading to effective and faster judgment when it comes to deciding which referrals need recycling.