View/Edit Comment

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It is possible to add text comment (note) on specific referral, this is useful if you need to associate some information to a referral based on your preferences. To do so, press the View/Edit Comment button, fill in the text information you would like to associate in the opened window, then press Update button.

Note that when you associate a comment to a referral the View/Edit Comment button appearance will change accordingly as illustrated below.

Another way to quickly view the comment (note), is by hovering the mouse cursor over the View/Edit Comment button, you should see balloon tool-tip with the text contents of the associated comment (note).

IMPORTANT! If you would like to clear the comment, press View/Edit Comment button, then select all the text in the opened window and press Delete or Backspace key on the keyboard, then press Update button.

IMPORTANT! When the referral has associated comment, its corresponding icon in the Referrals list will have small Yellow sign indicating so.