Save/Apply Saved Filters

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This software makes it possible to save the current filter as saved filter, then you can apply such filter later. This is very useful if you need to design a set of filters with different criteria and save them for later use instead of having to readjust the different filters' criteria to focus on different referrals.

IMPORTANT! There are up to 9 saved filters that can be used in the Full Edition, on the other hand, there are only 2 saved filters that can be used in the Community Edition.

IMPORTANT! The saved filters list doesn't show which of the saved filters is the current loaded filter, the software doesn't tell if the current filter is any of the saved filters in the list. In other words, each time you close the Filter Referrals window and then reopen it, you will always see Filter 1 is shown inside the list of the saved filters which doesn't mean that the current filter loaded is Filter 1.

IMPORTANT! You can quickly view the associated text description of the selected saved filter in the list, by hovering the mouse cursor over the description () button which will show a tool-tip with the description text.