Referrals Recycling Assistance Wizard

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Referrals Recycling Assistance Wizard

IMPORTANT! Starting from version 2.7, there is new easier approach to recycle the referrals on Neobux website with very few clicks compared to this approach. Check out Mass Actions Export Referrals' IDs for more details.

This feature is used to actually perform the recycling on Neobux website of the referrals marked as to be recycled inside the software. To use this feature, apply the filters that you use to decide which referrals to recycle, mark the referrals to be recycled, once you are confident with the referrals to be recycled, from the top menu, select Tools > Referrals Recycling Assistance Wizard or press F6.


  • The wizard will show all referrals marked as to be recycled despite they are currently displayed in the referrals tree view or not
  • You should have at least two referrals marked as to be recycled to be able to use this wizard.
  • The referrals are sorted in the wizard based on the referral since date from recent to oldest referrals similar to the default sorting on Neobux rented referrals page. If you can't find a referral on the current page, you may need to navigate to next pages to reach that particular referral. Also, the visualization filter may hide that referral if he doesn't match it.
  • The manual recycling or free auto recycling suggestion in the wizard is based on the last click date of the referral and the current membership free recycling last click date. For example, Standard free recycling last click date it 14 days,while for Ultimate the free recycling last click date is 7 days and so on.

1. Open your web browser then go to Neobux referrals page

2. On Neobux referrals page, ensure that the your referrals are sorted by referral since date and ensure that the current visualization filter will not hide any of your referrals marked as to be recycled, also, make sure that you have chosen the maximum number of referrals to be displayed per page for easier searching

3. The first referral's ID in the wizard is copied automatically to the clipboard, go to Neobux referrals page and hit CTRL+F then paste the copied ID to locate the referral to be recycled. If you can find the referral on the current page, navigate to next referrals page until you find such referral

4. Apply either manual recycling or unlock for free auto recycling based on the suggestion in the wizard, go back to the wizard and press Next Referral then repeat the same process until you reach the last referral marked as to be recycled.

IMPORTANT! Referrals Recycling Assistance Wizard is for (Full Edition Only)