Loading exported rented referrals data saved as text files

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If you used to back up your exported data each day in separate text file like I described previously in this tutorial, you can quickly and easily load all of such files once.

IMPORTANT! If you haven't already created XML file by the handy manager, you need to do so before proceeding. Check out Creating new XML file section first.

To do so, follow the sequence of clicks in the following figures.

  1. Click on Tools from the top menu
  2. Hover over Add Referrals Data
  3. Click on Load Exported Files
  4. Press on Browse button
  5. Navigate then select the folder on your machine that has only text files that contains old exported rented referrals data
  6. Press on OK button
  7. Optionally if you are used to name your text files using a date like format, you can check this option
  8. Optionally if you check the option of step 7, choose a pattern that matches your files' names format
  9. Optionally If you have sub folders inside the folder you selected and you like to include all the files found inside the sub folders as well, check this option
  10. Press on Load button
  11. Press on Update button

IMPORTANT! Before you press the Update button, ensure that the files list is sorted so that the older files are at the top while the recent files are at the bottom.

After the handy manager finishes loading your exported data from the text files inside your selected folder, simply press CTRL+S on your keyboard because you must save your loaded data in the same file we have created in the previous section so that we don't need to reload the same data again from now on.

IMPORTANT! Once you loaded all your old exported rented referrals data from text files, no need to repeat this process afterwards because the saved XML file will hold the already loaded data. So, next day, you will just load the new exported data using the other loading approach by clipboard.