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It is possible to assign one of available 9 different flags to a referral, this is useful if you would like to group or categorize your referrals based on your preferences. To do so, press the Flag button, choose which flag to assign, then press Update button.

Note that when you assign a flag to a referral the Flag button appearance will change accordingly showing which flag is assigned.

Later in this help, we will see that it is possible to associate text comment(note) to each flag, in order to view such text, you hover the mouse cursor over the Flag button, you should see balloon tool-tip with the text contents of the associated comment (note). Also, you can view the same text, if you have the cursor over any flag in the Referral Flag window.

IMPORTANT! If you change the assigned flag of a referral, the corresponding referral item in the Referrals list grouped by flags, will move under the current assigned flag.