Export Referrals' IDs

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Now you can export all the current displayed referrals' IDs to the clipboard using single click! Which you can use in conjunction with CoAzSelector add-on to make faster and simpler recycling for hundreds of referrals by just few clicks.

IMPORTANT! You will need to ensure the following prerequisites to be able to use this approach as intended.

  1. Use Mozilla Firefox browser
  2. Install Greasemonkey add-on
  3. Install CoAzSelector add-on
  4. On Neobux Rented Referrals page, ensure to use the maximum number of referrals per page. Also, you can use the visualization filter to reduce the number of referrals you are trying to work on.

  1. Click Export Referrals' IDs under Mass Action section or press CTRL+SHIFT+C keys on your keyboard
  2. Goto Neobux website Rented Referrals Page
  3. Click inside the text area of CoAzSelector add-on
  4. Right click then choose Paste
  5. Click outside the text area of CoAzSelector add-on
  6. CoAzSelector add-on will automatically selects any referrals found on the current page
  7. Select option under What do you want to do with the selected referrals?
  8. Select I want to recycle them
  9. Press Click here to confirm button
  10. Press the next page, wait for CoAzSelector add-on to reload the text area then it will automatically selects any referrals found on the next page
  11. Repeat steps 7 to 10 until you reach the last page

IMPORTANT! This action will be applied on all the currently displayed referrals. To control which referrals to be displayed, you should consider applying filter first.

IMPORTANT! You can use this feature to flag the referrals as well on Neobux website.