Editing Clicks on Clicks Graph

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Sometimes, if you missed exporting the rented referrals data on a day, the clicks might accumulate on the next possible exported data. It is possible to redistribute the clicks on the graph visually. Suppose in the following example, we would like to move 3 clicks from 18-Dec and put them on 16-Dec.

To accomplish this, hover the mouse cursor to the line which you would like to move clicks from, then press the left mouse button causing the cursor tool color to become Green.

Then, move the cursor to the other line which you would like to move clicks to, then move the cursor vertically up/down until the amount of clicks desired is displayed under the cursor. Notice the amount of clicks on the original line was reduced by the amount of clicks to be moved.

One you are satisfied by the moved clicks, press the left mouse button to confirm this change. Notice that the cursor tool became Yellow again.

IMPORTANT! While moving clicks, if you would like to cancel this process you can either press the right mouse button or hit Esc on your keyboard.