Clicks History

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The Clicks History section shows the clicks records made by this referral. This section can be shown in two different display modes as illustrated below.


In this mode the clicks history is shown in tabular format.

  • Date: the date corresponding to the clicks history table record
  • Clicks: the total clicks made by the referral (this is not the daily clicks made by the referral)
  • Diff. Clicks: the clicks made by the referral on this date record (total clicks of this date record - total clicks of the previous date record)
  • Diff. Days: the number of days the referral made clicks after (the date of this record - the date of the previous record)
  • The records of this table are sorted from the most recent at the top till the oldest at the bottom

Weekly Calendar (Full Edition Only)

In this mode the clicks history is shown in weekly calendar format.

  • On the left side, the weeks numbered from the referral since date, to the current week. W1 corresponds to the first week of this referral
  • On the top side, the week days, each week starts on Monday
  • On the right side, the total number of clicks made by this referral on each week, and this number is highlighted based on the weekly average and the specified Red, Yellow, or Green average ranges
  • Whenever the referral made clicks on certain day, there will be corresponding Green cell with the number of clicks made
  • Referral since date will be shown as Blue cell with text DAY 1
  • The current system date will be shown as Blue cell with text TODAY

IMPORTANT! The values displayed in the Clicks History are solely dependent on how regularly you export the rented referrals from Neobux website, and so, this data will be perfectly accurate and matching Neobux website counterpart if the exporting is done everyday directly after 12:00 AM your local time.