Adding membership details

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The handy manager will assume you are Standard, but in case you have purchased or renewed other memberships such as Golden, and Ultimate, you must add such details inside the handy manager in order to accurately calculate the earnings and profit.

To do so, after you have opened your saved XML file inside the handy manager you can follow the sequence of clicks shown in the figure below.

  1. Click on Tools from the top menu
  2. Click on Membership Details
  3. Choose Type
  4. Pick From date using the calendar
  5. Specify the Purchase Cost (This should be used buying new or renewal of memberships)
  6. Press on Add button
  7. Press on OK button
  8. If you have purchased/renewed Golden and Ultimate, repeat the above steps for all such purchases/renewals because this is used by the handy manager to calculate accurate profit

IMPORTANT! The memberships of same type can't overlap. Sometimes, the membership end date in the handy manager may be different than Neobux website counterpart, in this case you just need to shift the from date of the next membership renewal to be directly after the end date in the handy manager. (The memberships' end dates calculation has been corrected starting from version 2.7! So the handy manager and Neobux site are at sync now)

IMPORTANT! For the best and most accurate results, you must add all the Golden/Ultimate memberships purchase/renewals even if you made such purchase/renewal in the past, at least add such details if any since last year till now.

Then you save to the same saved file so that we don't need to add the already added membership details over and over.