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Neobux Referrals Handy Manager

By yahiatnt

The ultimate solution for managing your rented referrals

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Welcome to the official website of Neobux Referrals Handy Manager software. No more complicated excel sheets or paper and pen ways of trying to understand and to properly manage your rented referrals. Not to mention how you feel if you have thousands of referrals to look after.

Why this software is the ultimate solution for managing Neobux rented referrals?

User friendly graphical user interface that is designed carefully to make it possible to visualize how your referrals are performing and to easily and quickly spot bad clickers.

GUI well designed

Detailed history, analysis, graphs per each referral, you can quickly see previous history of one referral up to 240 days long.

Referral Clicks Graph

Helps in taking the most correct recycling decision by using very sophisticated sorting and filtration features not even supplied by Neobux itself. Also, you can save and reuse up to 9 different filters which makes it very easy to switch quickly between filters and their corresponding filtered referrals.

Referrals Filtration Referrals Filtration
Referrals Filtration Referrals Filtration

See the calculated earnings and profit on the fly for each referral to identify whether he is making you gain or lose.

Referral History, Earnings and Profit


And you can quickly check the average change over time to determine whether the referral is having decreasing/increasing average.


Average/Time Change Analysis 

Also, you can promptly see how all the referrals as one team are doing for your account.

All Referrals Summary

Very accurate earnings and profit calculation which takes into account the number of referrals, memberships and manual recycling fees. These factors are integrated together plus the fact that they are subject to change with time.

Also you have up to 9 flags to group your referrals according to your strategy. Plus, there is option to associate a description for each flag to know what each group of referrals have in common such as profit percentage, bad clickers and so on. Another great feature is that you can use automatic flags assigning to let the software automatically group your referrals for you based on their last 30 days profit or based on the saved filters matching.

Referrals Flags and Grouping

One of the most useful features that will make manual recycling much easier even if you have thousands of referrals to select from, the automatic referrals recycling script that will automatically recycle the referrals marked as to be recycled for you. Just mark the referrals to be recycled, prepare Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browser, sit back and watch the magic of taking care of your manual recycling on Neobux website effortlessly. This script is enhanced now to detect the current membership and detects whether to use manual recycling or to unlock such referrals if they are locked already for free auto-recycling based on the last click date.


If you like to control free auto-recycling by frequently locking all your referrals then unlocking bad clickers to be recycled automatically, we have created new automatic referrals locking script that can lock unlocked referrals if found. Imagine locking thousands of referrals by your hand!

The software will assist you on recycling your rented referrals in a way that minimizes significantly the time and effort required.

Referrals Recycling Assistance Wizard 1 Referrals Recycling Assistance Wizard 2

Fast and easy to start utilizing it as your method of managing your referrals, even if you have months of old exported referrals data files. Just import them as one or few batch(es) and you are ready to go.

Load Exported Files Batch

Easily update your referrals data by just pasting the copied exported referrals data from Neobux directly to Neobux Referrals Handy Manager. Plus much more.

What are you waiting for? Get your copy now and start managing your rented referrals for REAL. Download Now